Do you have your own website?

This week’s question seems straightforward, but allow me lay down the conditions:

We’re not talking about a distinct URL that your employer has provided you for “your” articles and content on its website. We’re talking about a website that you have created and own. It could be a custom, fully-developed domain or just a Blogspot blog. It does not need to be a professional site, or even a news one. Just something that is active and your own.

I’m just curious to see what percentage of OJR readers have their own Web presence, as opposed to simply working on websites for others.

Feel free to link your site in the comments, and introduce it to other online journalists. Let’s get to know each other.

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    Hi. With Web 2.0 there isn’t any technical reason for not having a website. I have a long way to go in terms of making it more professional and I am not a tech guy, that’s for sure. So check it out:

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    I’m glad to see the results of your poll show that so many respondents have either websites or blogs. I read OJR to stay on top of the latest journalism news, although I left the industry about 12 years ago after working 22 years as a reporter and editor.

    Today, I teach people how to form strong relationships with the media and bloggers and how to use the wide variety of online tools (blogs, content sharing sites, bookmarking) to promote themselves.

    Blogging is one of the top 3 ways to promote.

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    Hi! I’m a reader of OJR from China. In my country, a lot of people especially the youth have their own websites, most are blogs.

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    Ofcourse i have mine.As an African Immigrant to the United States who lived and worked in West Africa as a broadcast and print journalist,transitioning onto the world wide Web has been very much effective for me and my career.It has helped me impact more lives in refugee camps and in my native Liberia.You can visit us at and my personal blog at
    I am glad that i am a part of this world wide audience.

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    This is my personal, random blog:

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    I’m the chair of FIU’s journalism dept. I wrote a column for you two years ago–Zero to Launch in Three Months. The link below is about my current class’s blog site devoted to covering HIV/AIDS.
    The article is called “Why So Little AIDS Coverage” and the blog address is included in the piece.

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    I have used your ideas and started a personal blog. It is a history of my family in two Western Kentucky Counties, since 1780.

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    I’ve started a media management resource, with a blog on media research and a batch of pages with links:

    Kirk LaPointe,
    Managing Editor,
    The Vancouver Sun.

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    Hi all,

    I am conducting research into the PR/Journalist relationship and the changing effects Web 2.0 has had on relations.

    If you have a spare moment your opinions would be greatly valued in this survey, the results of which I hope will be helpful in gaining an understanding of the future nature of the relationship:

    This is to be crossed with PR perceptions so I’m hoping for results which are advantageous for both parties for future communications. All interesting findings will be released in the blogosphere and if anyone would like to be added to my mailing list please message me! Please pass this on to any Journalist friends you think may be interested.

    Any help you can offer is deeply appreciated,

    Thank you and best wishes,


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    Since nanny people lack the time or technical abilities to start a bolg or a website of their own,and yet want to write to express their opinions, we have started It allows anyone to write letters to the editors of any English Newspaper in the world, send it, and even publish the letter on the site. Some may even qualify to publish Op-Eds on the site

  12. I’ve had my own website since the late ’90s. Now I have several, but my main site is my blog, Media Nation, at:

    If we don’t promote ourselves, who will?

  13. Sure do.

    I’ve been writing online since 2003 but only recently (as in the past week) bought my own domain name, installed WordPress and compiled all 3,000+ things I’ve written online into one place.

    I also use it link to any print articles I’ve done, comment on news in the blog and allow potential employers to view and download a PDF of my resume.

    If you’re in online journalism (or want to be) it’s almost a necessity to have some sort of Web presence in my opinion.