Gillmor at Annenberg: Blogging a 'kind of wonderful noise'

The internet has evolved from a read-only medium to a read-write medium, journalist Dan Gillmor said Tuesday at an informal presentation at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication.

“Blogs are the first instance of this read-write phenomenon, but it’s not the last. There’s more coming,” said Gillmor, a blogger at and the author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People.

“Journalism is changing from the lecture mode … to a conversation or a seminar where we take the publication and move on to something better,” Gillmor explained.

Gillmor discussed his well-known credo “my readers know more than I do.” This is true for all journalism, he said, and instead of being viewed as threatening, it should be viewed as an opportunity.

An example of community members sharing their knowledge with others would be, which Gillmor called “the most important experiment today in bottom-up content. … I’m in awe of what these guys have accomplished.” In fact, Gillmor, noted for his dedication to grassroots journalism, said: “I go to school there to learn about community online.”

“Making sense of this global conversation is really difficult,” Gillmor said, but ultimately, “[Blogging is] a kind of wonderful noise, and I love the noise,” Gillmor said. Journalism should be a clear signal above the noise, and the challenge is to get people to pay attention to it, he added.

Gillmor urged responsible practices in participatory journalism and blogging. On his own site, he has citizen journalists sign a pledge where contributors agree to work in the community interest. In addition to asking for people’s real names, the pledge states that accuracy, thoroughness, fairness and transparency are expected standards.

We Media '05: Online participation in conference open to all

Can’t make it to the Media Center’s We Media conference in New York?

There are several ways you can still participate:

1) Let the speakers know the topics you’d like discussed.

2) Like Watts Wacker and Andrew Heyward, you too can post musings about mass collaboration.

3) Follow along as We Media is live-blogged and podcast. Submit your comments and they might be shared with the entire conference.

ONA announces Online Journalism Awards finalists

The Online News Association, in conjunction with USC’s Annenberg School for Communication, has announced the finalists for its 2005 Online Journalism Awards.

The awards will be presented in New York City at the ONA conference, Oct. 28-29 at the Hilton New York.