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Austria boasts a fairly high rate of PC ownership: As of late 1999, 45 percent of households owned a computer, 32 percent of adults had Internet access and 17 percent qualified as heavy surfers. Still, Mark Deuze's research suggests that few Austrian journalists place a high value on new media or online news. "Most rank-and-file journalists are more interested in working for print newspapers and broadcast stations rather than developing new multimedia or interactive reporting skills," he says.

Traditional media dominate Austria's Web community. For several years, Der Standard had the highest traffic, and it boasts a portal-like buffet of news, sports, games, weather and more. Next to make a move, Deuze says, was ?RF, Austria's public broadcasting network, which created a strong Web presence; a major reorganization is now moving it toward an integrated news approach, with the Net on an equal footing with television and radio.

The newest kid on the block is a purely entertainment-driven Web site called Krone Online. Boasting subject-related slide-shows as the main attraction, it took only several months for to become Austria's most visited site. Finally, there is T?glich Alles Online, the Daily Everything Online, a portal for news, TV, chat, film, horoscopes and more.

Noteworthy sites

Der Standard (newspaper)
?RF ON (public broadcast network)
Taglich Alles Online (Daily Everything Online)

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