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"The main online news publications in Spain have begun to wonder if it would be better, given the poor advertising climate, to charge for access to the Web site or at least the archives," says Marilo Ruiz de Elvira, deputy content director of Prisacom. "But I do not think subscriptions would take place until the US media (apart from begin to do it."

In general, journalists are not interested in the Internet, although they use [it] to search for leads.

Prisacom, which produces the Web sites of the Prisa Group's newspapers, magazines and broadcast stations --  including El Pa?s, 5Dias and many others -- is studying different models of charging for and syndicating content, in addition to other income sources, such as e-commerce, e-learning, e-books, SMS alerts, music downloads, premium services through mobile Internet appliances and other possibilities, he says. But the market is not yet ripe and audience levels haven't reached the necessary critical mass.

Still, as the main media company in Spain, Prisa believes the Internet will ultimately become "a wonderful tool for publishing and distributing our content, which includes music, TV and cinema productions, books and even technical know-how," Elvira says.

Just below El Pa?s and El Mundo -- the two largest newspapers in Spain -- falls a second tier of news providers, including and Baqu?a, which frequently publish in-depth articles and analyses. Luis Angel Fern?ndez Hermana, director of, says online journalists at this level are closer to the readers, who often interact with and supply information to the sites.
"But in general, journalists in Spain are not interested in the Internet, although they use the Net to search for leads, stories, sources and other people's articles!" Hermana says. "And journalists who work at the portals are very demoralized: They do the same, and more, than journalists in a newsroom, but they see the Internet as a medium without any return."

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