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The End of the Line
January 29: Here's a virtual beverage raised as a fond farewell to fans and readers of The Spike Report. By Spike.
No Time for Mutants | January 22: A recent decision by a U.S. Court of International Trade judge has outraged fans of the "X-Men" comic-book series' characters. Plus: Adaptation, Times Two; and I Vant to Be Alone. By Spike.
A Little Too Real | January 15: "On a cool night last summer, Todd Kessler and Jan Oxenberg -- both screenwriters -- found themselves in the middle of their own script," writes Michael M. Phillips in The Wall Street Journal. Plus: The Daily Grunt; and Baked, Mashed or Wafted? By Spike.
Scaring Harper Lee | January 8: A journalist who once waylaid Harper Lee outside a Hardee's restaurant can't figure out why the reclusive novelist views him as a stalker. Plus: No Time to Die, and The Leaf Player Revisited. By Spike.
The Rest of the Best | January 3: From the Smart Bugle to Willy Loman in a chicken suit, here are the most intriguing, alarming and peculiar Spike Report items from the second half of 2002.
The Best of 2002: Part One | December 30:  From a Wal-Mart wedding to the Hitlers of Long Island, Spike selects the most intriguing items published online during the past year. By Spike.
A Lott of Hypocrisy | December 20: Some of Trent Lott's harshest critics aren't looking so good themselves.  Plus: The Law and Mr. Monkeypants.
The Rise and Fall of Velvet Elvis | December 18: "If the 1970s were the most embarrassing years of the 20th century, then Tijuana was its Florence," writes velvet-painting historian Sam Quinones. Plus: Poetic Justice, and Who Stomped Moby? By Spike.
The Apology Show | December 16: The obviously involuntary and insincere nature of political apologies is what makes them so compelling, says Philip Kennicott in the Washington Post.
Talking Trash | December 13: A garbage-loving Southern California boy found an unusual place to celebrate his seventh birthday. By Spike.
Stop the Presses | December 10: A tenacious reporter discovers that (gasp!) not everyone watches "The Sopranos." Plus: The hippest art magazine of the 1960s is now one of the coolest sites on the Web.
Stop the Presses | December 11: A tenacious reporter discovers that (gasp!) not everyone watches "The Sopranos." Plus: The hippest art magazine of the 1960s is now one of the coolest sites on the Web. By Spike.
The Death of Supercar | December 9: America's billion-dollar effort to develop a highly fuel-efficient family car was scuttled by corporate greed and government ineptitude, writes Sam Roe in the Chicago Tribune. By Spike.
Nuclear Medicine | December 6: Patients being treated with radioactive materials are triggering anti-terrorism devices in New York City subways and tunnels. By Spike.
Dances With Strudel | December 4: Forty thousand Germans like to dress up and live as Native Americans, writes James Hagengruber in Salon. Plus: The Mannerist Miser and A Gift From Uncle Andy. By Spike.
New Faces of 2004 | December 2: The world's first full-face transplant may be only 18 months away, reports New Scientist magazine. By Spike.