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An Explanation of 'Immersive news'

Immersive news is still being defined. The Online Program at UCS?s Annenberg School for Communication is doing research on this technology in partnership with the Integrated Media Systems Center at the School of Engineering.

As part of this research, the Online Program and IMSC are working on a demonstration project, which has been given a working title, ImmersiNews. This is the working definition:

The goal of ImmersiNews is to plunge viewers into an interactive, customized multimedia news experience. It is the next generation of news story - a new paradigm of structure and narrative that changes according to a person's preferences, interests and choices. Viewers are not only immersed in an interactive article filled with multimedia elements and a wealth of customized background information, but the story elements re-form and change to fit the viewer's tastes and preferences. ImmersiNews utilizes and integrates IMSC technological developments for immersive audio and visual data acquisition and rendering, multimedia information representation and integration, customization, and delivery.