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OJR asked San Francisco-based Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg and London-based J.L. Perrone to give us their best crack at providing a list of the significant female players in the industry. This task was not easy: there are so many women who deserve mention. While the following list is by no means comprehensive, we hope that it gives a fair representation of the caliber of women who are forging a place for themselves in new media.

The Reporters

Kate Botello [email protected] — Co-host, "The Screen Savers," ZDTV. Formerly a character actor in musical theater for several years, Botello became a high-tech pro while working a day job in Ziff Davis's IS department. Soon she was tapped to combine both skills, and appears as one of the most technologically savvy tech reporters on TV.

Denise Caruso  [email protected] — A veteran journalist and analyst, Caruso pens the Digital Commerce column for The New York Times and executive produces Infoworld's Spotlight Conference on Interactive Media. Caruso was featured as one of Utne Magazine's Visionaries for 1996, and she was founding editor of the ground-breaking newsletter, Digital Media.

Farai N. Chideya  [email protected] — Journalist, ABC television reporter and author of "Don't Believe the Hype: Fighting Cultural Misinformation About African-Americans." Chideya's list of published writings, awards and media appearances could never fit on a single page -- but are listed (with accompanying commentary, quizzes and links) on her enormously popular Web site, Pop and Politics.

Elizabeth Corcoran [email protected] -- As a staff reporter for the Washington Post, Corcoran covers high tech issues from the nation's capital.

Katie Hafner  -- Reporter, The New York Times; former technology correspondent for Newsweek. Hafner has written three books: "Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet," (with Matthew Lyon), "The House at the Bridge: A Story of Modern Germany" and "Cyberpunk: Outlaws and Hackers on the Computer Frontier" (with John Markoff). She has also written for Business Week, The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine, Esquire, Working Woman, Wired and Upside.

Angela Johnson  [email protected] — Associate Producer of the Events section for Microsoft Washington Sidewalk. Formerly of NetNoir, Johnson is an expert content producer who takes time to serve as a mentor to African Americans (and others) on line.

Melinda Mcadams  [email protected] — Web Strategist at the American Press Institute. Co-wrote "The Internet Handbook for Writers, Researchers, and Journalists." She has documented her work as the first content developer for Digital Ink, which helped put the Washington Post online.

Gina Smith  [email protected] — ABC News Technology Correspondent. Smith's radio show for American computer users, "Connected With Gina Smith!", can also be heard live on the Net. Author of "101 Computer Answers You Need to Know," Smith also appears regularly on "Good Morning America" and "Nightline."

Kara Swisher  -- Technology reporter, Wall Street Journal. Author, " How Steve Case Beat Bill Gates, Nailed the Netheads and Made Millions in the War for the Web" (just out!). Before joining the staff of the most widely-read newspaper in the world, Swisher worked at the Washington Post for 17 years, climbing the ladder from mail clerk to emerging as one of the most respected writers of public-figure profiles in the country.

The Editors

Cathryn Baskin — Editor in Chief, PC World Magazine, one of the most widely read computer-related publications.

Martha Baer [email protected] — Managing Editor, Wired Magazine. Formerly, Executive Editor, Hotwired. Author, "As Francesca," a frank and courageous look at a woman's double-life facilitated by the Net.

June Cohen [email protected] — Vice president of content at Wired Digital, where women make up seven out of the nine company officers, and a former producer of Webmonkey, the "how-to guide for Web junkies." Cohen also serves as "Netsurfer Emeritus" for Net Surf Central.

Monique van Dusseldorp [email protected] — Internet project manager at Wegener Arcade, until August, a media company that owns newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, Dusseldorp is also a fellow of the European Institute for the Media. After August, she will become the director of Van Dusseldorp & Partners, which she founded, along with

Amy Gahran  [email protected] — Publisher and editor of Contentious, a web-zine for online writers and editors, and the active Online Writing mailing list.

Katrina Heron — Editor in Chief, Wired Magazine.

Alice Hill [email protected] — Vice president of Development at CNet, Inc. and editor, (the flagship site).

Abbie Lundberg  [email protected] — Editor in Chief, CIO Magazine. Lundberg has been following and reporting on information technology management issues and trends for more than a decade. A veteran IT industry observer, she joined CIO Magazine in 1988. As Editor in Chief, Lundberg sets the focus and direction of CIO and oversees all aspects of the magazine's content, production and design. She sits on the company's executive staff, Web development team and information needs committee.

Lavonne Luquis [email protected] — President and co-founder of LatinoLink, the first Hispanic-focused news magazine on the Web. (Est. March, 1995). The magazine's online-community currently draws about 250,000 users per month with a popular mix of news, commentary and chat.

Wendy Taylor — Editor, PC Computing, one of the most popular computer magazines in the world.

Lisa Voldeng [email protected] — Editor and publisher of the newly launched newsletter, Digital Mogul, which covers the business side of entertainment-Internet convergence. Voldeng also is the founder of a new media consulting firm, Uberbabe Media.

Karen Wickre  [email protected] — Director of Creative Integration at Studio Archetype, San Francisco. Wickre is also involved with Upside Magazine and, as the executive editor and executive producer, respectively. She is also the executive producer of PlanetOut, and hosts a commentary, internet/radio show, called "Hangin' Out" on PlanetOut radio. In addition, she has authored three books, including the most recent, "Yahoo Unplugged," and has been a freelance writer about the Internet since 1993. Digital Queers way back in 1993.-->

Tish Williams [email protected] — Editor, Upside Today; columnist, "Daily Tish."

The Business Women

Carlene Ellis  Vice president and director of the information technology group at Intel. One of the most prominent women in the computer industry, as well as one of the top 20 execs at Intel, Ellis oversees 2,000 engineers and technicians. Before landing her current position, Ellis worked as an electrical engineer and computer scientist for General Electric, Fairchild, then Intel in 1980. Ellis was one of the developers who worked on Arpanet, precursor to the Internet.

Judith Estrin Chief technology officer and senior vice president at data networking firm, Cisco Systems. Estrin also sits on the board of Sun Microsystems. Estrin previously co-founded and served as CEO for Precept Software,acquired by Cisco earlier this year.

Lisa Goldman [email protected] — President and CEO, Construct Internet Design. As creative director for the Interactive Media Festival from 1988 to 1992, Goldman provided strategic marketing and public relations counsel for clients including Aldus, Autodesk, Borland, Lightsource, Metaphor and Truevision. Now, at Construct, Goldman heads up a team resonsible for some of the most cutting-edge and advanced 3-D Net tools available today.

Ellen Hancock  — President and CEO, Exodus Communications, one of the leading providers of Internet server hosting and management solutions to the growing number of companies using the Internet as a critical part of their businesses. In her 28 years at IBM, Hancock worked her way from programmer to lead the networking hardware, networking software and software solutions divisions, ultimately becoming senior vice president in 1992. She left IBM for National Semiconductor in 1993, then joined Apple as Executive VP in 1996, before ultimately landing at this much-watched Internet start-up.

Peggy Liu [email protected] — President and CEO, Channel A, one of the earliest specialty retailers on the Internet, currently the leading source of modern Asian living products and resources. Recently featured on the covers of Executive Female and Red Herring Hits, Liu speaks regularly on Internet commerce and is an active leader in the Asian American community. Previously, Liu, who holds a degree in computer engineering from MIT, led NetManage into the retail channel with Internet Chameleon, the first consumer Internet access software suite. She also worked as both a product manager and OEM manager for Symantec, as well as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co.

Mary Meeker — Principal Internet/new media research analyst with Morgan Stanley, Meeker helped launch the public offerings of CNET, Netscape and other new media giants. She has also written two books: "The Internet Advertising Report" and "The Morgan Stanley Internet Report."

Deborah Triant  President and CEO, Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.. With more than 17 years of experience in the software industry, Triant is responsible for worldwide sales, marketing, business development and support for Check Point products. Before joining Check Point in 1995, she served as Adobe's VP of Marketing from 1993-95, which she joined from Sun Microsystems, where she was president and chief executive officer of its subsidiary, Sitka Corporation. A leading authority on Internet and enterprise security, Dr. Triant has been quoted in leading news publications including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on Bloomberg CEO Forum, CNN, CNBC and MSNBC. She was recently named one of the "Top Ten Women in Technology" by Working Woman Magazine and one of the "Twenty Executives to Watch" by Computer Reseller News.

The Business Founders

Stephanie Brail  a[email protected] — Founder of Spiderwoman, an online community of Web designers and creator of Amazon City, the first city for women on the Internet. Spiderwoman runs a mailing list as a forum for female Web designers to meet and discuss their work.

Sherry Coutu [email protected] — Founder, Interactive Investor, a UK-based super-site of resources for investors, awarded the 1995 British Telecom/Sunday Times prize for provider of the "Best Web Site." Coutu's design and Web management talents have also been put to work on many leading financial firms' Web sites.

Mary Furlong — Founder and CEO, Third Age Media, a Web site devoted to providing news, advice and chat for the not-young set. Prior to launching Third Age, Furlong served as president of SeniorNet, a non-profit online community.

Katrina Garnett — Founder, CEO and president, CrossWorlds Software, Inc. Prior to founding CrossWorlds in April 1996, Garnett served as vice president and general manager of Sybase's $150 million Distributed Objects and Connectivity Division, where she managed a 300-person development team. Previous to Sybase, Garnett worked at Oracle Corporation (as it grew in value from $75 million to over $1 billion), where she served in technical management positions in the areas of workflow and workgroup applications. Garnett also founded the Garnett Foundation, though which she launched projects including the Backyard Project, which seeks to mitigate the under-representation of women in the computer science field.

Christy Jones  President, Smiling on the cover of June 1998's Working Woman Magazine as one of "20 under 30," Jones heads up the second of two software firms she founded. In 1990 (at age 20), Jones co-founded Trilogy Development Group, before spinning off her current e-commerce firm in 1996.

Susan Lammers  President and founder of Headbone Interactive. Lammers hires female game developers to create games with intelligent and interesting female (and male) characters, such as the colorful and musical Iz and Auggie Escape from Dimension Q and Elroy Hits the Pavement. Headbone's collection of eight CD-ROMs and its game-enriched Web site serve a 50/50 female/male audience (a task thought of as impossible among competitors in the games industry). Before founding Headbone, Lammers spearheaded Microsoft's early efforts as associate publisher and director of multimedia publishing in the Multimedia Division, responsible for the company's first interactive media titles, including Encarta and Microsoft Bookshelf, both top sellers worldwide.

Jane Metcalfe  President of Wired Ventures, co-founder of Wired magazine and a member on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's board of directors.

Eva Pascoe  [email protected] — Co-founder and director of Cyberia, the UK's first Cybercafe, which has since moved into the area of corporate training and Internet consultancy. Polish-born Pascoe also writes an Internet column for the UK's Independent newspaper and is a visiting lecturer for the Hypermedia Master of Arts course at Westminster University.

Patricia Seybold — Founder and CEO of the Patricia Seybold Group, a worldwide strategic business/technology consulting firm. Seybold has been a computer industry consultant for more than 20 years, assisting business executives and technology planners design e-business solutions that will attract and retain customers. A widely acclaimed speaker at international conferences, industry events and senior-level executive briefings, Seybold has written thousands of articles and columns in her company's research services and publications over the past two decades, as well as numerous columns for publications including CEO Magazine and ComputerWorld. Seybold edited and co-authored a series of five books, the "Seybold Series on Professional Computing," which addresses PC software environments for business users. Her forthcoming book is titled ""

Qarin Van Brink [email protected] — Network administrator, programmer and co-founder of two Internet start-ups, including Scruz-Net, Inc., Santa Cruz County's first and largest Internet service provider, and the newly-launched Tycho Networks, Inc., a data services carrier completing construction of a state of the art network facility equipped with generator-protected power and redundant fiber optic connections. Van Brink can be found here.

Anne Winblad [email protected] — Founding Partner, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. Winblad is a heavyweight of the venture capital world, renowned for her investment in software firms, and has racked up over 20 years working in the software industry.

The Pioneers

Bonnie Bracey [email protected] — A Christa McAuliffe Educator, or "tech teacher," and Net pioneer who has served on the White House Information Infrastructure Task Force. Bracey works on numerous Outreach Projects, specifically: the Learning Technologies Initiative of NASA, the Young Astronauts Council and the Challenger Center Online. She is a highly regarded expert on issues concerning funding, legislation and children and technology.

Anita Brown [email protected] — (aka Miss DC) Founder, Black Geeks Online — the leading organization that connects people of color from around the world and seeks to promote computer literacy and education about the power and potential of Internet technology. Membership in this virtual organization has grown from 18 "charter" members in January 1996, to 7,300 in June 1998. In addition to , the newsletter of Black Geeks Online, Brown's electronic publications include "Welcome to da 'Hood', " an Afrocentric road map to America Online, and "Buying Black," a directory of information, products and services. Brown also runs an inspirational "cybersalon" on NetNoir encouraging African Americans to make the most of entrepreneurial and educational opportunities.

Esther Dyson [email protected] — Chairman, EDventure Holdings, Member of the Board of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Her book, "Release 2.0: A Design for Living in the Digital Age," and her role as editor of the monthly newsletter, Release 1.0, have led to her being referred to as "the first lady of the Internet."

Linda Jacobson [email protected] — Virtual Reality Evangelist (yes, that is her real job title) at Silicon Graphics, and a well known educator, writer and all-round VR expert, she also co-founded VeRGe, the Virtual Reality Education Foundation, and has authored numerous articles and "Cyberarts: Exploring Art & Technology, and Garage Virtual Reality," and "Journeys in Cyberspace: Virtual Realities Today and Tomorrow."

Sherry Turkle [email protected] — A professor of the sociology of science at MIT, Turkle authored several influential books about the Net, including her most popular: "Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet," which explores the psychology of computer-mediated communication.

The Engineers

Sarah Allen [email protected] — Software engineer, Macromedia; developer, Shockwave.

Nancy Juliber — At the Promos and Virtual Media department at ZDTV, Juliber creates cutting edge and award-winning "virtual" animated characters. Juliber previously won an Emmy for her work on Dev Null, the virtual character that appeared on MSNBC's "The Site."

Patti Maes [email protected] — Before founding Agents, Inc., Maes was an Associate Professor at the MIT Media Laboratory. An expert in software agent technology, Agents, Inc. specializes in using intelligent agents to gather and organize information on the Internet.

Kim Polese [email protected] — President and Chief Executive Officer, Marimba, which created Castanet push technology software. Polese worked as a product manager for Java at Sun Microsystems before taking over at Marimba in 1996.

Elizabeth Downing — Scientist and futurist, Founder/CEO, 3D Technology Labs. 3D develops products that facilitate the viewing of true, moving 3D images for medical imaging (MRI), radar (air traffic control) and, eventually, entertainment.

The Community Leaders

Stacy Horn — President and creator, Echo NYC; author of "Cyberville." Horn brought the voice of the Bay Area cyber-community, The WELL, to the East Coast by creating Echo NYC. Echo, the first major New York-based BBS/online community, continues to be a strong voice in New York online circles.

Aprille Ericsson — Aerospace Engineer, NASA. Jackson is an invaluable resource for information about employment opportunities and internships at NASA, and she dedicates much of her time to speaking to high school students and community groups about Information Technology.

Trish Millines — Co-founder (along with educator Jill Hull) of Technology Access Foundation, a non-profit corporation that seeks to remedy the shortage of minorities in the high tech industry. Formerly a software developer at Microsoft for 15 years, Millines now works to bring up-to-date technology to Seattle's communities of color and teach them the skills to use it.

Soledad O'Brien [email protected] — NBC news correspondent, appearing on "Nightly News" and "Dateline." O'Brien also substitute anchors on both the weekend "Nightly News" and weekend "Today" programs, as well as anchors on MSNBC's news talk show, "Morning Blend." Additionally, O'Brien is a technology columnist for MSNBC.COM, a contributing editor for USA Today Weekend Magazine, and a regular contributor to Women's Wire. O'Brien won an Emmy Award for her work as anchor on the Discovery Channel's "Know Zone" in 1995, and, as host for ZDTV/MSNBC's daily high-tech show, "The Site," was one of the first minority women to chronicle the Net revolution on television.

Aliza Sherman [email protected] — President of Cybergrrl, Inc. and founder in 1995 of Webgrrls International, a networking group for women interested in new media. Sherman wrote "Cybergrrl! A Woman's Guide to the World Wide Web."

Marleen Stikker  [email protected] — "Mayor" of Amsterdam Digital City of Digital City Amsterdam, the largest public freenet in the Netherlands, and promoter of use of new media in communities.

Gail Williams  [email protected] — Executive Director, Whole Earth  "Lectronic Link", one of the most popular (and most written about) online communities.

The Academics

Janet Carr  [email protected] — Rhodes University, South Africa. Carr developed and taught the first CARR course in Africa, and trains students and journalists in the arts of online research and writing for the Internet.

Noelia Fernandez Arroyo  [email protected] — Spanish new media consultant and associated professor of new media advertising and electronic publishing at the University of Navarre's Journalism department. Fernandez also served as one of the judges for the Editor & Publisher1997 Online Newspaper Service Awards.

Donna Hoffman  [email protected] — Internet marketing academic and co-director of Project 2000, which studies the marketing implications of e-commerce. Hoffman is an honorary fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Pamela Samuelson [email protected] — Professor at UC Berkeley with a joint appointment in the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS) and the School of Law. SIMS leads the cutting edge of thought on intellectual property law and new information technologies as well as the effect of public policy and traditional legal regimes on new technology. Samuelson is a MacArthur Fellow, a Fellow of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and a Fellow of the Cyberspace Law Institute. She also serves on the LEXIS-NEXIS Electronic Publishing Advisory Board and on the editorial board of the Electronic Information Law & Policy Report.

The authors

Jennifer Edstrom   [email protected] — Co-author, "Barbarians Led by Bill Gates: Microsoft from the Inside," a book that is making tidal waves in the high tech community due to its harsh retelling of Microsoft's questionable business practices from a historical perspective dating back to the early 80s through 1998. Released in May, it is a national bestseller, a New York Times Business Bestseller, and was listed on the Wall Street Journal's bestseller list for six weeks.  

Melanie McGrath  [email protected] — UK writer McGrath encapsulated the zeitgeist of the digital generation in her book, "Hard, Soft and Wet."

The PR women

Heidi Roizen  — Formerly a much-adored VP of Developer Relations at Apple, Roizen currently works as an industry analyst and consults for high tech clients including (gasp) Microsoft.

Melissa Waggener and Pam Edstrom — CEO and President, and Executive Vice President, Account Services (respectively) of Waggener Edstrom, a leading high-tech PR firm, with high profile clients that include Microsoft, Amazon and SAP.