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Dinner With Drudge

It happened at Arianna Huffington's small 48th birthday dinner in Brentwood on Tuesday night. Finally, I found a point of agreement with Matt Drudge, the Internet wunderkind who specializes in making life miserable for Bill Clinton.  

Drudge and I both hate those letter grades that restaurants are required to post and formed a pact to favor those with a B rating or less. But that is as far as our common desire to keep government out of people's lives could extend. Drudge said, "I'm a Libertarian except for drugs and abortion." Proving once again that everyone wants government off his or her back and on someone else's.  

Venice sage Harry Shearer, who was there with his singer wife Judith Owen (who has a new album coming out), is still playing his unassuming self despite his triumphant appearances in "Godzilla" and "The Truman Show." Harry's clearly handling celebrity better than Drudge, who said that he is running out of magazines and television shows to grace with his presence.  

While I respect that Drudge came up the hard way, creating his own media ground on which to stand, his parting words suggested a deep-seated resentment that will not be easily satiated: "We are going to do to you what you did to us." Liberals are the enemy to which he was referring, but I got a bit confused when Drudge pointedly placed the New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd in that category, given that she has been even more venomous towards Clinton than he is.  

But the dinner was fun, civility prevailed and we all sounded in tune singing happy birthday to Arianna, who runs a heck of a salon. She also looks great at 48.