Somali Media under Attack, Radio Director killed and other one injured

Somali Media under Attack, Radio Director killed and other one injured
Hornafric Media director was shot dead to day in Mogadhu by three men armed with pistols following after when he left a meeting organized by Al-shabaab in Bakaara market.

Mr Sa’iid Tahliil Ahmed dead instantly after shooting. During the shooting he was accompained by other independent media directors and members of Al-shabaab Islamist armed Group.

The Somali journalists Rights Agency (SOJRA) has today condemned the murder of Hornafric radio director Sa’iid Tahliil Ahmed who was shot dead to day in Mogadishu particularly inside Bakaara Market.

It was near former building of Dahab Shiil Money Transfer around 2:20 PM in this afternoon by armed militiamen. Sa’iid was on his way to a press conference at the Al-shabaab Islamic Group when he was killed.

“Attacks on journalists violate their fundamental rights to freedom of expression and press” Said Daud Abdi Daud, SOJRA Executive Director.

There were descussions on reporting issues between Mogadishu media directors and Al-shabaab. Al-shabaab were opposing the Djibouti agreement and the government of national unity led by Sh. Shariif Sh. Ahmed and forced the media not to report about the event, but the media rejected this call.

Secondly Al-shabaab Group ordered the media not to air or report about speeches made in the different Mosques in Mogadishu without their permission.The meeting of to day was follow up of the discussions of the above two issues.

Many people believes that the director of Hornafric died it because of his position of reporting the Djibouti agreement and the government of national unity and also the speeches made in the Mosque in Mogadishu.

The director of Shabelle Mukhtaar Mohamed Hirraabe was also injured to day for his hands. Many Somali journalists have reportedly SOJRA that they are receiving threats and sms messages for terrorizing.

SOJRA demands investigations on today’s brutal murder and calls on TFG authorities to ensure that those responsible are held accountable according to international standards of justice without application of the death penalty” Daud Abdi added.

SOJRA is relieved that the other local media directors who were accompanying Sa’iid Tahliil at the time, was lucky to survive and escape without incident.

Somalia continues to be a treacherous place for the journalists who risk their lives to bring the story of the ongoing conflict to the world and SOJRA is gravely concerned about the growing press freedom crisis and violations in Somalia particularly south and central Somalia.

About Daud Abdi Daud

I am the Executive Durector of Somali Journalists Rights Agency (SOJRA).