Dubious Independence In Field-Jornalism.

We have talked much more about the independence of journalism.The role of Journalists have been specified to ensure the steadfast idependence in the works of journalism. Journalists do try their best, in establishing the demarcated indepense while doing the works on behalf of their organization. Ethically the journalists do fight for the establishment and preservation of the same as they are asked for. The journalists believe “fighting for independence in journalism will make them more liberal and ensure their individual exercise of independence greatly”. But practically their ‘ belief’ breaks and turns to be a wrong expectation.

With a view to presenting any matters of an event, a journalist collects whatever materials to make it effective and strengthy as well, is not allowed to publish in comlete manner. The editor’s yardstick does not permit any daring approaches in the presentation of the journalist. The editor wants to satisfy the need of the board of directors or the proprietor particularly. He remains ever alert, in preserving the commercial interests as well as the political. He intends to earn the political favour for his organization from the state rulling party and the ‘good look’of the board of directors or owner of the organization at the same drive, the editor plays a keen role in this respect by resisting the independence of journalist unduly. In persuing such objectful role ,the editorial wings are dedicatingly serving the purpose of the editor-in-chif. It is allegedly done so! By prohibiting any journalist from expressing or presenting the truth elaboratingly which is of public interest and benefit,is unethical and infringsment of the principle of journalism.A general people’s interest has supressingly been avoided. Does it bring any harm to the society as a whole in disclosing that suppressed part of journalistic works? So,why such distortion of news, is being entertained? Why such a dubious role is forced to play through the committed journalist by humiliating his ideals and morals? It looks like ‘a gun is fired by shouldering on another innocent’.Isn’t it ?

Today ,independence of journalism carries a literary gravity only, and has been plundered by the same group or persons who are involved with this greater part! A confliction or war remains within same species as held between mighty and weak in our society can be experienced in the arena of journalism profoundly. In the profession of journalism, a journalist can not transcend the editor’s barrier ethically or legally in unveiling an useful truth. A captivity has oftenly been conceded by the working journalists, staying with assured independence as guaranteed by the ehical codes of journalism.

About Pranab Hazra

A barrier that a journalist always confronts in any means or channels of communication,has been broken the predominant 'Internet'technology which allows a journalist an failable weapon to publish its own truthful report or expressable content more fastly and securedly.What All we do need what is to maintain ane preserve the ethical part in all respect and high standard profesional journalism.Error may occur but the way for rectification, should have always been clear and be conceded as well.The credibility should be retained utmost in the online segment by the participants,contributors and the journalits.