Message Is The Medium To Achieve The Successfulness In Journalism.

Appropriate message or content is necessary for publishing or presenting in anynews making concern. In this regard, neither a reporting journalist nor any news concern can surpass this unspecified responsibility. Today’s major messages are encroached by scare emotional,atrocous and nude facts of events extensively. From such dopped messages ,a quick response or reaction can be earned from the public. The news concern and the presenter, who are involved in such practices, will count their success definitely. Someother may appreciate and applaud this impact, as the excellancy ofnews concern.But I must sniff such ‘ hue and cry’ generated within he public, as negative impact ofrespective news organization. Indeed, any message created for any desired event as to make any news for the publication, should not be catered as insulated by scare,emotion,atrocity and nudity profoundly. Yes those are definitely the undetachable parts of the event and must be included moderately. Not so sharp and bitteringly. Presentation of the same, should be done very carefully and in controlled manner without trying to win the whole game so easily and cheaply. Present newspapers including other involving news organizations, are following this tricky and undesirable practice profoundly, as to stay alive in such harder competition by shattering all moral oblications. The Newspaper and the other news media, have been cultivating what? I seem,they are manufacturing incontrollable attitudes within the public which could burst anytime prufesely.The news-media have been framing as well as fertilisingsuch devastating public attitudes recklessly ,as they do remain always crazy and bursting for every moment. Is it complying with the principles and objectivities of news making concern? The present news making concerns run in this way by producing stunt messages to their audience opportunistically.

The facts which are available from any event do require to be organized very carefully first of all. Putting the perfect words into the message as to unveil the exact meaning what is intended to say, is an art of message creation. The abilty of reporter to codify the message with the knowledge of perception filter of the audience, is an important condition of successful communication. A message must create an environment for judgement, seeking peaceful action from the audience. Emotion-laden and provocative message makes the public unruly and misunderstood.

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A barrier that a journalist always confronts in any means or channels of communication,has been broken the predominant 'Internet'technology which allows a journalist an failable weapon to publish its own truthful report or expressable content more fastly and securedly.What All we do need what is to maintain ane preserve the ethical part in all respect and high standard profesional journalism.Error may occur but the way for rectification, should have always been clear and be conceded as well.The credibility should be retained utmost in the online segment by the participants,contributors and the journalits.


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