Grassroot lavel development of the society can be achieved through community journalism.

Message of any media concern should reach in understandable manner to every segment of the society people. Message that represents any event, that has closer relationship with the surrounding community in the sense of nearness, generates more interest and emphasis among the people of the respective community. Any news that covers the matter of the locality or commuty surrounding,inspires concerned people.Discussion and debate that gradually takes places within the community people. Diffusion of informations thus occurs that opens the door of thinking furthermore about the society,section or community as well. There are various subjects either good or bad, lying in our community or society which could be assessed or redefined in the present scale in comparison to others across the world. All ‘good matters’ which could be optimized and enhanced furthermore, while the bad matters possibly be kept in controlled manner upto . desired lavel as well. Innovation that may take place in our society or community and oftenlyit remains unpublicized and needs diffusion, Innovation can be held, in the form of any new idea, new method, new technique,new product or service which could be used or utilized bitterly by the people of the society or community in diffusive manner subsequently. Lack of communication makes any innovation in our community, to be undistributable. It is seenthat, the fruit or result of innovation remains unenjoyable to the larger portion of the community as well as the society people Community media organizations can play the vital role in this regard in nurturing such ‘diffusion of innovation’ for the develioment of the community and the society as a whole.Community journalism is able to perform such committed activity of ‘diffusionof innovation’ by keeping contact in diverse manner within the community first of all. Better communication system needs to be established and continued in sustained manner as to enhance the process of diffusion of innovation.

Community journalism will identify and highlight the resources available in the respective community and the proper utilization of those resources available, for greater use in the national perspective. Greater reward or value could be collected as to contribute to the nation building from those explored resources even after endowing handsome value for it all satisfactorily. Thus the enrichment restored in many undisclosed resource units,would appear as more worthfull as well as worthwhile to the community people. The journalists involved in this regard would have tiredless efforts in segregating those overlooked or undisclosed resources of the community, as to pay back not only those apartly but also to impart greatly in nation building. For the development of any nation as the theorists say much of the development communication, I’d say community journalism might play a vital role in nation buildind and development through the development of community i.e.grass root as well as the unit of any nation. Development of any unit like community would definitely contribute finally to the fulfillment of greater objective of the nation. Such resources would need to be identified in the nick of time, by the die-hard efforts and ‘never-ending’ search ability of the journalist who would be involved in such dedicating works for community journalism.

About Pranab Hazra

A barrier that a journalist always confronts in any means or channels of communication,has been broken the predominant 'Internet'technology which allows a journalist an failable weapon to publish its own truthful report or expressable content more fastly and securedly.What All we do need what is to maintain ane preserve the ethical part in all respect and high standard profesional journalism.Error may occur but the way for rectification, should have always been clear and be conceded as well.The credibility should be retained utmost in the online segment by the participants,contributors and the journalits.