Reluctant Advertisers Are Favouring Electronic Medium Today ?

Newspaper, a popular and favourite medium in mass communication system could have not found any considerable way so far, as to run comfortably in future. Economic downturn has been claimed to be the significant cause of such miserable condition as we see them presently. It is true, no one can’t deny that the economic recession that has been emerged globally, and has brought a severe captivity for the major sound entrepreneurs in this arena fiscally. Many big players in the market who once didn’t have care for incurring millons of dollar expanses in the head of ‘Ads’,now they have been fighting for subtle existence and breathing very slowly with hopelessly indeed.

Our point of view is not to search what the exact fact is, behind the existing economic slow down. We can say only what about is, that the print medium as a whole, (newpapers,magazines, periodicals) have been passing through a pitiable situation stubornly. The indomitable nagative affect , in the true sense,that has to face by the major newspaper organization is what to cope up with its extensive etablihment cost in huge amount as compared to other print medium like magazine,periodicals etc. It is evident, that, a handsful revenue from large quantity of advertisements that the newspapers were enjoying earlier, has come out to be shortend or be curtailed significantly. This shortfall in advertisement – might be an important cause of such drought in newspaper industry-but not be the one and only. I sniff another more causes could be there ! Today, in our fasterer life-style, we intake our required inforations and entertainments largely from the electronic media that can provide instantly what we demaqnd for. We have no such wastable time as well as patience to go with any further lengthy process of enjoying the same outcome from other sources or means. Time factor, has compelled the consumer audience to do so. Whenever, a very good alternative way is available as open to all, then why should look for another delayed one? The major portion of media audience today, have been exhibiting their greater exposure in electronic medium particularly in audio-visual medium. Such audience are being kept satisfied by the television medium duly.The keen ‘Advertisers’ are well known and aware of this- and pay their emphatic attention towards the electronic medium predominantly. The sponsors all, want to pay for their ads’ only to what could be disseminated widely,instantly and repeatedly. These advantages all at a time could be handled by the television medium only. It is quietly natural-best outcome would be rewarded highly.Television today, have been enjoying the sweet fruits of Ads. It is also undenieable that the pictorial presentation has a greater appeal and attraction to the audience as compared to other medium.It is futile to say,that ‘television’can enjoy the maximum advantages in this regard as it has greater command on the audience for its distinguishedcharacteristics.Televiion today, can easily and grab the lion’s share of launchable advertisements in the market.So why, the they could also be called ‘wealthy medium’definitely, as compared to other medium. Beside this, the internet publishers are fetching a considerably revenues from launchable advts for their pages well. While newspapers have been confronting toughest competition in this hurdle.A certain amount of advertisements that were going to newspapers,are now entering in the courtyard of the online news publishers. It is a significant matter indeed ! It is studies well, that the electronicmedium have greater impact value than print medium. It has wider range of audience which can transcend across the country even internationally. So, sponsors’interest or emphasis naturally would remain stick to the electronic medium vehemently. The advertisers are payingduly high reward for the best outcome. One point more to be taken to the account is,at the prime time of the television programme of any channel can accumulate the highest number of viewers who obviously go with by and large advertisements presented intermittently. Soch greater impact never could be expected at a time from other medium.

Newspapers particularly, have been residing presently at the declining position in such situation evolved due to economic downturn globally. Even now, newspapers are quite unable to battle with online publishing entrepreneurs also. If online publishing sector go ahead deliberately in organizing manner in future,it is believed that the greater ‘ fiscal success’ would shake hands with online publishers by replacing the newspapers boost significantly.

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