With hyperlocal forums on the rise, will they replace or complement local news?

Hyperlocal efforts got an infusion of cash earlier this month, when the neighborhood social network Nextdoor scored $21.6 million from leading venture capitalists. The backers — led by Greylock Partners David Sze, who has invested in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pandora — are betting that the platform for private, geographically based forums will be the next hot thing in local news and information and could even build community in neighborhoods across the country in the process. [Read more…]

Sudden re-appearance

Shocking, but a pleasant surprise to see this reformulated version of OJR. I wondered what happened. The new look looks good.

I also hope people will start checking out my online community journalism resource 92067 Rancho Santa Fe Free Press at http://www.92067freepress.com.

We’re hoping to serve as an example of the site sophistication now achievable with no resources due to the development of hosting resources.

We’re going strong on content but need to diversify, so any submissions from OJR visitors to our site is welcome. E-mail at [email protected]