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UK News Sites:
Free and Subscription Services


A comparison of the services offered by the United Kingdom's top six sites for online news.

BBC News Online

Unique users/month: 90 million +/-
Page impressions/month: 600 million +/-

Free Services:
-- Content from all BBC entities
-- Breaking news e-mails
-- Daily e-mail news update
-- Desktop news ticker
-- News to WAP, PDA and XDAs
-- Headlines to public spaces, e.g. London's main railway stations
-- Broadband consoles of the latest video news
-- Syndicated headlines to third party sites

Subscription Services:
-- None (publicly funded)

Guardian Unlimited

Unique users/month: 7.5 - 9 million
Page impressions/month: 80 - 105 million

Free Services:
-- Newspaper content from The Guardian (daily) and The Observer (Sunday) distributed over Guardian Unlimited, Media Guardian, Society Guardian and Education Guardian
-- Breaking news
-- Special reports
-- Archive
-- Daily e-mail services: The Tenner (sports), Media Briefing and Society Briefing
-- Regular e-mail services: The Backbencher (politics, weekly), The Northerner (northern press, weekly), The Flyer (travel, every other week), Higher Noon (education, twice per week), Cashpoints (finance, weekly)
-- Syndicated headlines to non-commercial third party sites

Subscription services:
-- SMS text alerts: Available for news, sports, media, business and political, max. of 25 pence (42 cents) each. 
-- The Wrap: Early morning e-mail alert of the major stories in all the daily newspapers, ?12.50 per year ($21)
-- The Informer: Afternoon e-mail alert of day's developments and preview of next day's hard-copy edition, ?12.50 per year ($21)
-- Ad-free Guardian Unlimited: The Guardian group of Web sites without pop-up or on-page advertising online, ?20 per year ($33)
-- Guardian Crossword on PDA: ?3 per month ($5), ?30 per year ($51)
-- Guardian Crossword online: ?3 per month ($5), ?30 per year ($51)
-- Guardian Digital Facsimile: A digital edition of the newspaper in .pdf, coming soon for ?98.57 per year ($165) or ?10 per month ($16)
-- Observer Digital Facsimile: In .pdf, coming soon for ?29 per year ($48) or ?5 per month ($8)
-- Full Guardian content on PDA: Available in seven channels, via Avantgo, a third-party


Unique users/month
: 3.8 million
Page impressions/month: 65 million

Free Services:
-- Newspaper content from the Financial Times
-- Breaking news ticker
-- 7-day archive
-- Market data and tools
-- Personal portfolio management (with free registration)
-- FT personal finance & career Web sites
-- Daily news e-mail summaries (with free registration)

Subscription Services:
-- Level 1: Stories, columnists, e-mail news service, better search facility, FT archive For ?75 per year ($125)
-- Level 2: As above, plus Advanced Archive of databases 500 specialist publications ?195 per year ($325)


Unique users/month: 3.5 million
Page impressions/month: 29 million

Free Services:
-- Newspaper content from the Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph
-- Archive
-- Breaking news
-- Share prices (with free registration)
-- E-mail bulletins covering news, finance, arts and sports information (with free registration)
-- My Account: Enables users to view all of their personal finance accounts on one Web page (with free registration)

Subscription Services:
-- Crossword: ?25 per year ($42)
-- Screenprint: Digital facsimile of The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph, ?22.50 per month ($37)
-- Fantasy Football: ?7.50 ($12.50) to manage 1 team, ?10 ($16) to manage Premiership team and one Champions League team, ?15 ($24) for a season ticket comprising two Premiership teams, one Champions League team and one Fantasy Cup team
-- PDA services: Crossword, ?3 per month ($5) or ?30 per year ($51); full Telegraph content with pictures or in plain text, ?5 per month ($8) or ?50 per year ($85)

Times Online

Unique users/month: 2.5 million
Page impressions/month: 22 million

Free services:
-- Newspaper content from The Times and The Sunday Times
-- Breaking news
-- 7-day archive
-- E-mail bulletins: Business (daily), Breakfast News (daily), Travel (weekly), Motoring (weekly), Your Money (weekly), Books (monthly), Gardening (monthly), Investor's Centre (weekly) and promotional e-mails for arts, film and shopping.

Subscription services:
-- Archive: ?1 per item ($1.67) (Volume discounts can reduce this to ?0.10 ($0.16)
-- Digital edition: ?75 per year ($125)
-- Crossword: ?19.99 per year ($33)
-- Fantasy football: ?10 per team ($16)


Unique users/month: 2.5 million
Page impressions/month: 22 million

Free services:
-- Content from the Independent newspaper
-- Breaking news, entertainment and travel
-- 7-day archive
-- Daily e-mail news update

Subscription services:
-- Portfolio one: Opinion, ?5 per month ($8), ?30 per year ($50)
-- Portfolio two: News and sport, ?30 per year ($50)
-- Portfolio three: Robert Fisk, ?30 per year ($50)
-- Portfolio four: Crossword, ?30 per year ($50)
-- All-site access (including archive): ?60 per year ($100)
-- Per article: ?1 per item for 24 hours ($1.67), ?5 per month ($8)
-- Full news coverage via PDA : ?4.99 per month ($8), ?49.95 per year ($85)
-- Crossword via PDA: ?4.99 per month ($8), ?49.95 per year ($85)
-- 50 Best guides via PDA: Panels of experts give their 50 top selections (best buys, destinations, top tips, meals, drinks, etc.), selection of 2500 entries for ?10 ($16)

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