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Online News Resources in Europe
Online News in Europe
Intro: The View From Europe
Great Britain
The Netherlands
Additional Resources

Following are some resources that may be helpful to those looking to explore online news and journalism in Europe. All of these pages are in English except where noted. We hope to maintain this page as a permanent directory, so let us know if you spot a site we?ve overlooked.


Directories of Online Newspapers
A slick, comprehensive, up-to-date directory of online newspapers from around the globe.

Kidon Media Link
European online news sources.

Daily Earth
A global online newspaper directory.

The World Press
Links to more than 1,200 online newspapers around the world.

Newslink: European Newspapers
Unfortunately, many of the links are out of date.


Media Organizations and Resources

European Journalism Centre
The main transnational journalism organization in Europe.

Daily European media news
A daily digest of news briefs provided by the European Journalism Centre.

The European Journalism Page
Pointers to reference guides, company sites and information about individual countries.

European Online Journalism Awards
Founded in 1998 by British online journalist Milverton Wallace, the annual competition seeks to promote understanding of the online medium.<P>

European Online News Association
Still in its formative stages, the proposed European Online News Association -- a counterpart to the Online News Association in the US -- has been put forward by a group of Web journalists from Denmark.

European Institute for the Media
A think tank for research and strategy concerning developments in European media, based in D?sseldorf and Paris.

European Journalism Training Association
The association, based in The Netherlands, brings together more than 50 schools and journalism institutes throughout Europe to exchange views on journalism training.
European Newspaper Publishers? Association
A nonprofit organization representing 3,000 daily, weekly and Sunday publications from 17 European countries.

European Broadcasting Union
Founded in 1950, the EBU is the largest professional association of national broadcasters in the world with 70 active members in 51 countries.

European Press Network
Founded in February 2000, it?s a network of experienced freelance journalists selling work to editors around the world through

Expatica -- News and community for the expatriate
The leading news and community site for the English-speaking expatriate community in Belgium, France, Germany and The Netherlands.
International Federation of Journalists (Belgium Headquarters)
Links to European journalism organizations, trade unions and articles on free-lance issues, freedom of expression and other topics.
Independent Media Center
For alternative sources and perspectives on the news.
A site offering news, reports, event listings, newsletters, Web seminars and individual country fact files.



Medialinks (in Dutch)
Online news portal in Belgium.

Webjournalistiek (in Dutch)
Site features breaking news updates and resources for the online journalist.

Mediargus (in Dutch and French)
Search engine of online news sites in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Internetjournalistiek (in Dutch) 
Net journalism doings in Flanders.

Fonds Pascal Decroos  (in Dutch and English)
The project seeks to improve journalism in Belgium?s Flemish community, but it also sponsors  journalism conferences and links to online journalism efforts, including journalism organizations and associations.



eJour (in Danish)
The Danish online magazine on digital journalism, written by media experts and published by the Danish School of Journalism.



European Journalists (in German)
A network of media experts, journalists and representatives from business and government whose goal is to promote better journalism.

Online Journalismus (in German)
Founded in 1999, the site is a German information platform for online journalists, with book reviews, articles on Web story-telling, research and more.

Links for Journalists (in German)
Links to media organizations and international institutions.


Spain (in Spanish)
A comprehensive Spanish directory of academic and professional Internet resources for journalists, published at the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain.


The Netherlands

De Internetjournalist (in Dutch, some English)
An initiative of The Netherlands? journalists union, the site offers essays and pointers to online news resources.


United Kingdom

Journalism UK
Intended for print magazine journalists, it also contains a rich links page pointing to UK media outlets, organizations, news sources, jobs and more.