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Digital Photojournalism During Wartime
Photojournalism in the Battlefield
Portraying the Graphic Face of War
Digital Photojournalism During Wartime
Following is a sampling of Web sites where you can view a variety of still photographs and video shot during times of armed conflict.


Confronting Iraq

The Road To War (in Real or Quicktime)

The Face on the Target

Eyes of History 2003

Kuwaiti Diwaniya



The Unseen Gulf War
Peter Turnley 

Inside Iraq
Jerome Delay

Life Under the Taliban
David Turnley

The Road to Kabul
Ron Haviv

Larry Burrows

Remember Sarajevo
Roger Richards

The Invisible Lines of War: Families Under Siege 
Catherine Leuthold

DigitalJournalist Feature Presentations

From Corbis:

Troops Training on the Brink of War

Members of the of the 101st Airborne Division in Kuwait
Benjamin Lowy 

Unveiling the Bride -- A Traditional Kurdish Wedding Ceremony in Turkey
David Turnley

U.S. 101st Airborne Squad Trains in Kuwait
Christophe Calais

Ameriya Bomb Shelter -- Site of 408 Civilian Deaths by U.S. Missiles

"Ladies in Pink" Rally Near Baghdad Refinery

Possible U.S. Attack on Iraqi Energy Plants Could Create Humanitarian Crisis

Daily Life in Basrah and Baghdad

Children Fight for Their Lives in Baghdad Hospitals
All by Jason Florio 

Women's Protest Against War in Iraq
Antoine Serra 


The Week in Pictures

Picture Stories