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50 International Names to Know

I was immediately drawn to Jeffrey Perlman's "Names to Know" article in the inaugural edition of Online Journalism Review. Like most followers of the fortunes of new media, I love to find out who the rising stars of this fast-moving business are. I was disappointed, however, that the list was limited to American names. Was the rest of the world still languishing in the pre-Internet dark ages? Of course not. So I agreed to write a kind of sequel list of non-American names. Unlike Perlman's list, I have not attempted to rank the names, but opted for an egalitarian alphabetically-ordered list. I have included e-mail addresses where they were freely available via the Internet.

I shall apply the caveats offered by Perlman to my own list: it is highly subjective, and is aimed at sparking debate and discussion. No doubt I have excluded many deserving names, but this list should get you thinking and allow you to visit some of the pages listed here to view some of the most innovative work being done in new media.

Here's a couple of thoughts to light the fire: first, why are there so few women on the list? (perhaps a third list of women to know in new media would not go amiss...) and second, why are they mostly European? I claim some responsibility for the latter fact: as a Brit, my natural inclination towards Europe is clear, but I think there may be another explanation. Communication between groups of new media journalists, academics and other players in different parts of the globe is poor. This is a symptom not only of language barriers, but also a blinkered attitude toward alternative practices, ideas and the narrow-minded viewpoint that all that is good in new media must hail from the U.S. So I offer this list as a record of some of the best and brightest in new media: online journalists, Web designers, writers, editors, consultants, CEOs and others..

1. George ADAMS (UK, based in Hong Kong) ([email protected]) Editor of "Not the South China Morning Post," which he calls "a satirical Web magazine for Hong Kong committed to press freedom," started in protest against the sale of the South China Morning Post to Robert Kuok.

2. Alex BALFOUR (UK) ([email protected]) Content director for UK Citizens Online Democracy, a site devoted to encouraging political participation on online. Balfour was also editor of the excellent GE97, a site covering the 1997 British general election.

3. Jose BARLETTA (Latin America) ([email protected]) Barletta is president of the Barnews Research Group; which maintains a directory of news services in Latin America and the Caribbean and digital cities worldwide.

4. Guy BERGER (South Africa) ([email protected]) Head of the Department of Journalism at Rhodes University, where he initiated the New Media Laboratory and hosted the New Media 2000 conference last year, which addressed the development of the Internet in Africa.

5. Sabeer BHATIA (India, based in US) Co-founded Hotmail, the fast-growing service offering free e-mail on the Internet.

6. Jak BOUMANS (Netherlands) ([email protected]) Boumans is principal consultant for electronic publishing with TNO's (the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) Centre for Technology and Policy Studies. He also served on the judging panel for the Editor & Publisher's 1997 Online Newspaper Service Awards.

7. Pierre BOURQUE (Canada) ([email protected]) An Internet writer and consultant, Bourque runs the popular Bourque Newswatch which offers political and news links, some with a Canadian focus, others global. He has also written "Government Online In Canada: The Internet User's Comprehensive Directory" and co-authored "Freenet: Canadian Online Access The Free And Easy Way."

8. Steve BOWBRICK (UK) ([email protected]) Co-founder and Managing Director of Webmedia, a well-established new media production firm in the UK.

9. Jim CARROLL (Canada) ([email protected]) A prolific writer on new media issues, Carroll co-authored "The Canadian Internet Handbook." His book "Surviving the Information Age" has its own Web site, naturally, and is a useful guide for the Web-weary.

10. Daniel CHANDLER (UK) ([email protected]) Lecturer in media theory at the Education Department of the University of Wales, Chandler doubles as the Webmaster of the Media and Communication Studies Site, which includes an impressive set of links to academic resources on new media.

11. Sergio CHARLAB (Brazil) ([email protected]) Editor-in-chief of Reader's Digest Brazil and a columnist for Brazilian newspapers, he has worked with Jornal do Brasil, and launched the first Web newspaper service in Brazil. Visit his personal homepage.

12. Sergio M. DALL'OMO (Italy) ([email protected]) A multimedia producer and professional journalist, Dall'Omo hosts the New Media Monitor site, an international new media zine.

13. Monique van DUSSELDORP (Germany) ([email protected]) Internet project manager at Wegener Arcade, a media company that owns newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations, Dusseldorp is also a fellow of the European Institute for the Media.

14. Noelia FERNANDEZ (Spain) ([email protected]) Spanish new media consultant, and associated professor of new media advertising and electronic publishing at the University of Navarre's Journalism department. She was also one of the judges for the Editor & Publisher's 1997 Online Newspaper Service Awards.

15. Arthur GOLDSTUCK (South Africa) ([email protected]) Goldstuck writes the weekly WebFeet column for the South African Electronic Mail and Guardian's PC Review and has written four books on new media, including "The Hitchiker's Guide to the Internet." His personal homepage is a useful resource for information on the Internet in Africa.

16. Dave GREEN (UK) ([email protected]) Green describes himself as "Britain's most mediocre Internet journalist," but he can be seen and heard all over the place in the UK: his credits include presenting BBC Radio 1's Digital Update and writing for British newspapers the Guardian and the Telegraph, and co-founding the info-packed Need to Know newsletter. Green is perhaps best known, however, as the author of "20 Things That Never Happened In Star Trek." Check out his homepage.

17. Hermann HAUSER (originally Austrian, now based in UK) Head of Amadeus Capital Partnership, the venture-capital trust given ?5 million by Microsoft to invest in the city of Cambridge's digital firms. Hauser has long been a big cheese in European new media: he co-founded the Acorn computer firm back in 1978

18. Stovin HAYTER (UK) ([email protected]) Hayter heads up Revolution magazine ( which covers new media for the marketing and advertising crowd. He also maintains a set of handy links at his European Journalism Page.

19. Johan HELSINGIUS (Finland) ([email protected]) Helsingius was president of the Helsinki Internet company Penetic, and the brains behind the world's most popular anonymous remailer, The service was closed in September 1996 after investigations by the Helsinki Police Crime Squad in response to complaints from the Church of Scientology about Penet. Helsingius now works for EUNet in Sweden.

20. Luis Angel Fern?ndez HERMANA (Spain) ([email protected]) This science correspondent for El Peri?dico de Catalunya, and director of Enredando, a new media newsletter which he calls a "weekly reflection on what it means, and will mean, to travel the spiritual and physical confines of this electronic planet using a new style of hitch-hiking --thumbing the keyboard!"

21. Mike HOLDERNESS (UK) ([email protected]) Holderness writes about New Media for the likes of the Guardian Newspaper Online, the New Scientist, and the Times Higher Education Supplement and others. He is also part of the Digital Media Working Group of the National Union of Journalists. Read his useful "Internet for Journalists" page.

22. Robin HUNT (UK) ([email protected]) Hunt's past roles include editor of Wired UK and New Media editor of the Guardian: now he is director of Internet design company Arehaus.

23. Tim JACKSON (UK) ([email protected]) This Financial Times new media columnist on the computer industry writes a weekly column for the FT on the computer industry has also written three books, the most recent is "Inside Intel: Andy Grove & The Rise Of The World's Most Powerful Chip Company."

24. Matt JONES (UK) ([email protected]) Was on the design team of the Times and the Sunday Times Web sites. His personal homepage includes "The Challenge of a Free Architecture," his dissertation on virtual reality.

25. Arne H. KRUMSVIK (Norway) ([email protected]) Editor and manager of Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Arne's Media Index is a goldmine of media sources.

26. Paal LEVERAAS (Norway) ([email protected]) Founder of Norway's first Internet publishing house, Internett Kanal 1 AS. Read to find out the latest scoop on new media in Scandinavia.

27. Jos? V?tor MALHEIROS (Portugal) ([email protected]) Edits the science and technology section of the electronic version of the Portugese daily Publico On-Line.

28. Irwin MANOIM (South Africa) ([email protected]) Editor of the South African Electronic Mail & Guardian, the most popular online newspaper in Africa.

29. Frank NA (Taiwan) ([email protected]) Na is a consultant and director of technical development for United Daily News Group. He is an expert in helping newspaper firms employ new media technologies.

30. Mike van NIEKERK (Australia) ([email protected]) A leading Australian new media figure and IT editor of Melbourne daily newspaper The Age.

31. Peter J. N?U (Sweden) ([email protected]) Responsible for launching Passagen, Swedish Telecom's first Internet platform, and worked for the Swedish government monitoring the development of online media in the US.

32. Dan O'BRIEN (UK) ([email protected]) A founder and editor (along with Dave Green, see above) of Need to Know: "the weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the UK" - a great source for the inside info on New Media. O'Brien was also part of the team that launched the now-defunct Wired UK magazine. Danny also has his own personal homepage.

33. Mario PROFACA (Croatia) ([email protected]) A freelance journalist whose "Taste of War" Web site is an exhaustive and swiftly updated resource on the crisis in Kosovo, for journalists and researchers.

34. Stephen QUINN (Australia) ([email protected]) Director of the Research Unit for Computer-Assisted Reporting at Deakin University, Quinn teaches computer-assisted reporting and new media to Australian communications students and working journalists. He owns and runs the mailing list OZJOURN, the first mailing list for working journalists in the area.

35. Madan RAO (India) ([email protected]) Vice president of International Information Services at India's Internet publisher, IndiaWorldCommunications, and principal consultant at Web design firm, Rao has penned pieces on new media for Pacific News Service and Inter Press Service. He also traverses the globe as a regular speaker on the international new media conference circuit.

36. Mike SLOCOMBE (UK) ([email protected]) Internet Magazine called him "the ?bermensch of British Web design." Perhaps best known for his "Slap a Spice Girl" site , Slocombe is also the self-styled "head honcho" of the Urban75 alternative e-zine.

37. Norbert SPECKER (Switzerland) ([email protected]) Known to the digerati as the organizer of the annual Interactive Publishing conference, due for its fifth showing this November in Zurich, Switzerland.

38. Cliff STANFORD (UK) ([email protected]) Founder of Demon Internet, the UK's largest Internet Service Provider, recently sold to Scottish Telecom.

39. Marleen STIKKER (Netherlands) ([email protected]) "Mayor" of Amsterdam Digital City of Digital City Amsterdam, the largest public freenet in the Netherlands, and promoter of use of new media in communities.

40. Karl-Erik TALLMO (Sweden) ([email protected]) Published Sweden's first hyperfiction novel on data disk in 1992, wrote about electronic publishing for Swedish daily Sevnska Dagbladet and Danish daily Politiken. Founded the cultural multimedia magazine the Art Bin on WWW.

41. Bill THOMPSON (UK) ([email protected]) Founded the Guardian New Media lab and acts as "Internet guru" to Member of Parliament Anne Campbell.

42. Peter VERWEY (Netherlands) ([email protected]) A professor of computer-assisted reporting at the Hogeschool van Utrecht, Verwey is project leader of the digital journalism program. His online reporting newsletter, Cahier, is worth visiting.

43. Anuradha VITTACHI (UK) ([email protected]) Editor and Co-Director, Oneworld a "supersite" that publishes information about global issues at low cost for Non-Governmental Organizations and other groups, boasting a readership from almost 90 countries.

44. Cathie WALKER (Canada) ([email protected]) Webmistress of The Centre for the Easily Amused, offering light relief for weary digerati.

45. Milverton WALLACE (UK) ([email protected]) A journalism instructor at City University, specializing in new media. He is the principal organizer of the NetMedia conference in London, which examines the impact of digital technologies on journalism.

46. John WEST (UK) ([email protected]) Co-founder of Interner news agency Out there News, a site pioneering news non-linear journalism and in-depth coverage of international events, West previously worked as on-line editor for the ITN news site.

47. James WINTER (Canada) ([email protected]) Produces Flipside, an Alternative Web Weekly in collaboration with students at the University of Windsor, Ontario, where he is a professor of communication studies.

48. Marilo Ruiz de ELVIRA (Spain) ([email protected]) Director of El Pais Digital, the site recently declared as providing the most popular Internet coverage of Spanish newspapers.

49. Peter Olsthoorn (Netherlands) ([email protected]) Publishes Planet Multimedia, a daily news service devoted to developments in the Internet and telecom industry. Peter also publishes daily news on Cargoweb

50. Jan George FRAJKOR (Canada) ([email protected]) One of three co-founders of the large and successful Canadian National Capital Freenet, and founder of Journet-L, a Canadian discussion/mailing list for Journalism educators and trainers. Frajkor also coordinates an e-zine produced by students at Carleton University, Ottawa .

Note: Thanks to all those who contacted me offering a great deal of helpful advice, encouragement, and suggestions for this list, via the CARR-L, Cyberspace and Society, SPJ-L, and online-news listservs.