to anon or not to anon that is the question

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments on all sides of the to anon or not to anon issue. I agree with… well… all of you on the reasons to and not to come out of the bloggycloset. I’m still mulling it, but one of the things I’ve had in the back of my mind is that for those who WANT to find me, it’s not that tough. In fact a little less tough then I realized when a certain (old media) blog directory listed Washwords in its newfangled blog directory, much to my delight, and then… MUCH TO MY HORROR!!!!!, my full name alongside it. No worries, thought I, I’ll just use this handy-dandy “click here to email” mistakes thingy – but alas (because this is an OLD MEDIA NOT FAMILIAR WITH THE INTERWEB) that email went nowhere. Nor did my webform for help other than to the “can I delete my profile or change my user name on your site” page? Answer: No.

Given that I had just been mulling this question myself (and that the OLD MEDIA is not where people go to learn about new hip blogsters), I figured “eh” and let it go. (Not that I had a choice, it’s there forever.) Then a realized an advanced beginner level of google search proficiency could also take you to me. Why am I telling you this? Because I think, for me, the solution is to keep doing just what I am – I’m not totally out there, but I’m not too hard to find (especially the more of my 20 million closest friends and colleagues and people I would have gone to band camp with, had I gone, I decide to let know.) I also wanted to reward (ha! maybe punish?) folks who blogroll me or subscribe via a newsreader or email (see, the left hand side under “share the love”) with some special subscriber only bulletins for those who know me or have become washwords fans so… to sum up, I’ll stay just where I am… behind the curtain… for now.

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