Present News Organizations Would Require To Rectify Their 'Adopted Policy'.

Mass media initiate demand and needs for the society by providing different sources in trems of valuable informations and messages or contents. Such messages from the mass media helps to evolve a viable environment for the members of the society as they could think and judge in better manner on any vital issue that sustains turmoils and anarchy in the society. Mass media try to co-ordinate the society people of different religion, caste education, professiona as well as economic and cultural group, that encourages them as well, and motivate to go side by side unitedly and strengthfully. Mass media call the major numbers of the people of the society into particicipation, with the needful issue or any acute problem appearing in the society predominantly, with a view to finding a possible solution or way. It is seen that we get confused of the evolved problem and remain sometime as undone or unsolved. We oftenly fail to perform or overcome such problem in organized manner. Mass media can accord our disintegration and reunite anykinds of disruptive or malice communal relationship if prevails within the society, by applying their ‘power of influence’through the transmission of various messages and effective presenrations, as to control the restless situation very keenly and competently as well. Moreover, during natural disasters like earthquake,flood,draught and femine and others, mass media keep a close look over the matter as to organize the different measures taken in this regard, by the state power. Mass media try to initiate and maintain a harmonious relationship among the administration and the local delegates, clubs, ngos’ and other society members with a view to achieving better result through proper utilization, of the resources available in hand. Mass media could appear as to be most effective organizer in the society through their multifarious abilities like power of persuation ,presentation advocacy by means of which, unifying as well as motivating the society members,can achieve the required goal for the society.

As the mass media deserve a social respect and dignity as well , they should hold good it by utilizing their power of influence, for the benefit of the society with a view to uplifting the standard of living of human life both physically and mentally. Ethically standardized presentations would require from the media organizations as to develop and retain the basic characteristics (like ideals and morality, sympathy, co-operation to other etc) of human beings which have been going to be extincted day by day. In the environment of crazy and flooded mass consumerism, the nature of mankind have significantly been affected. The extensive exposure of allurable products that oftenly induce and mislead human beings in obtaining the same irrespective of any proper judgement or assessment at all. Human beings today, fail to assess or judge on their cpacities in securing such expensive products for their use. Mass media have been acting as stimulant in this respect of mass consumerism diffusion and impulsing the society people drastically towards more to happen so. On the way of publishing contents for the consumer audience, the media have been establishing themselves as keen and shrewed agents for the big corporate houses. Today, we can not deny, that the big corporate houses want what,, is provided by the deflected as well as deviated media as to earn more revenues.The major presented contents involve Vulgurity and obscenity extensively which is not desirable. Earning more money always, does not necessarily mean ‘surrender of own existence and values’ that the present media usually do The mass media would require to think about their practices of such ‘humbuggery’, although trying to retain the dignified position in our society. The dealings of mass media, should never be concentrated towards earning money only.They are not business concern only, but at the sametime they are the institution for rendering education,developmental thoughts and ideas,focus on new horizon for new achievement for the society people also. They should never forget, that an ‘interdependency’ relationship is still existing between them and the society.The mass media should not treate our society as their ‘ Heavenly Market’ for generating revenue and where they can do whatever they like with the power of influence that they possess.

The most challenging days are waiting ahead for present media, where new concept of journalism in diverse ways have been emerging with handsful new opportunities and offer as to satisfy the needs of consumer audience. Many set-up in this regard have been on operation through online as to replace the conventional ‘ time consuming’ process of newpaper or other media organization. Such new ventures based on online activities would need lesser person engaged at least to serve the purpose of consumer audience pertainin a limited persons or group with specific interested areas. Such chaleanging alternative media for communication through unilateral or bilateral efforts,could establish their ventures robustly in near future.

About Pranab Hazra

A barrier that a journalist always confronts in any means or channels of communication,has been broken the predominant 'Internet'technology which allows a journalist an failable weapon to publish its own truthful report or expressable content more fastly and securedly.What All we do need what is to maintain ane preserve the ethical part in all respect and high standard profesional journalism.Error may occur but the way for rectification, should have always been clear and be conceded as well.The credibility should be retained utmost in the online segment by the participants,contributors and the journalits.


  1. the main problem with journalism today is the media ownership monopoly – alternative points of view are rarely heard