Reuters editor indicted for allegedly helping Anonymous hack L.A. Times

Anonymous activists in their Guy Fawkes masks. (Vincent Diamante/Wikimedia Commons)

Anonymous activists in their Guy Fawkes masks. (Vincent Diamante/Wikimedia Commons)

A Reuters social media editor was indicted Thursday for helping the hacker group Anonymous gain access to the Tribune Co. web server and disrupt an L.A. Times online story, according to the L.A. Times. Matthew Keys, 26, faces 10 years in prison if he’s convicted on all charges. Keys allegedly gave Anonymous hackers log-in credentials that they used to change the headline, byline and teaser of an L.A. Times story about House Major Leader Steny Hoyer in 2010.

Keys is the deputy social media editor at Reuters and is well-known on Twitter (TIME put his profile on their 2012 list of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds). He hasn’t responded to requests for interviews, but he did post this on Twitter: “I am fine. I found out the same way most of you did: From Twitter. Tonight I’m going to take a break. Tomorrow, business as usual.”

For now, he still works at Reuters, but TIME reported that Reuters said it’s aware of his indictment but refused to comment until their investigations are completed. Their spokesman did note that Keys is being charged for alleged crimes from 2010 and he started working at Reuters in 2012.

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