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Responsibility Of Journalist.

A journalist writes what for the society that he observes.He presents whatever,is consumed by the society people which may consist of different classes, religions, categories and characterists.So,while presenting any report of news,a journalist should be very careful and aware of his responsibilities towards the present sensible society. He must deliver such news as it serves a common purpose and fulfill major’s interests as well.Any presentation or writing of a journalist, should never inflict any part or group of our society regarding its belief, ideals,religionand rituals anyway. The writing of journalist should be inspiring not only in keeping ‘social harmony’ but also in achieving social development at the sametime.

There thre basic responsibilities of any journalist. They are social, legal and professional.

Social Responsibiliy:- Press reflects the social images or pictures of our society.The whole activities of the press imparts many events of our society with a view to present them later on, in decent manner to the society people. The intention behind such approachs and activities, is to make the society people to well-informed as well as well-aware of round about happenings.So,every presentation of any journalist should be fair, balnce, truthful,inspiring and meeting the needs of common. A journalist can highlight so many unsolved areas of the society by seeking solution for the same through the activity of journalism and must not overlook or avoid this great part of responsibility towards the society.The presentation of journalist should, initiate an environment of understanding within the society and continue the same in sustained manner to uphold it satisfactorily.Development of any society mostly depending upon the imparting of creative and objectful journalistic activities.

Legal Responsibilty:- While working as a journalist, one should be well conversant with all legal clutches those may generate complicacy or bring trouble any way. For this reason, a journalist must not intervene or inflict to someone’s privacy or confidential matter until it is required to be brought to the notice of public. Any libelous or defamatory presentation taking with someone, any organization or group, is not permittable and should strictlybe avoided by the journalist. Libellous and defamatory writings or pictures, may instantly resound or repark among the public with larger acceptance, but it is not pertinent as well as not complying with the standard of professionalism.

Professional Responsibility:- A journalist should have sincerity and commitment towards its profession. The news ofany event that is going to be published for the audience, should be delineated very clearly and faiely. A very good homework in this regard for every event, should be done by the journalist with a view to present to the audience confidently and satisfactorily.. The presentation must be truthful and unbiased above all and shall never bring any embarrassment or complicacy to the organization anyway in future. The objective of any journalist is to disseminate the correct and fair report in undistorted manner, to the audience rather than crowding them intentially or allegedly to meet the present challenging the news world.. A news report should be created with greater care and responsibility as to maintain its degree of standard at higher level by avoiding anykinds of inclusion of undesireable and provocative part or portion.A journalist definitely,would require a high degree of professionalism in presenting any performances to the audience on behalf of any organization, and could be achieved so. by dint of die-hard efforts and searchin abilty, and being respectful to the works ,understanding with the surroundings and accountability towards the society as well. A journalist must follow the newspaper editor’s deadlines.