China Blocks New York Times

Looking up to The New York Times. (Flickr Creative Commons: ScooteRoo)

The New York Times’ Public Editor Margaret Sullivan wrote a post that reads between the lines of the Chinese government’s censorship of the Times’ Chinese-language site.  China blocked the site after the paper ran a story looking into the extreme wealth of the Chinese prime minster’s family.

Sullivan’s post looks into how the Times’ decision to run the predictably explosive piece creates a rift between the editorial staff and the paper’s advertisers, whose pricey ads aren’t seeing the light of day in China.  “I’m very proud of this work,” Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. said to Sullivan.  “Our business is to publish great journalism.  Does this have a business impact?  Of course.”

Study: Web searchers unable to pinpoint sponsored results

Via Slashdot: ABC News reports that a new study by Pew Internet finds that only one in six Internet users can differentiate between an advertisement and an unbiased search result. While several big search engines, such as Yahoo, Google and MSN, often tag their paid links with “sponsored site” or something of the like, the majority of Web users are still unable to make the distinction between paid and unbiased results. Despite this confusion, 92% of those surveyed feel confident in their Web searching capabilities.