New Yahoo News design

Via I Want Media: Reuters reports that Yahoo News has changed its Web site, adding more features such as advanced search technology and RSS personalization capabilities. The redesign has also added a “cleaner” design to the site and increased accessibility options throughout. New features of note include the ability to instant message stories, search for key phrases or terms within a story without leaving the site and receive personalized RSS feeds to both Yahoo-partnered and non-partnered Web sites. The site’s biggest competitor is Google News, who, in contrast to Yahoo, does not advertise on their site.

Startup to offer legit online media for free

Via I Want Media: reports that a new startup, Open Media Network(OMN), will be offering free video blogs, TV shows, podcasts and radio broadcasts online. The OMN will focus on content that is authorized for online distribution, therefore circumventing illegal piracy issues. Current offerings include “Spark,” a weekly San Francisco arts TV show, podcasts from WNYC and Northwest Public Radio and independent, short films from underground Web sites.

Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy goes mobile

From Reuters: In conjunction with this month’s theatrical release of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the BBC has launched H2G2, a wi-fi mobile service that allows users access to information about the anything, including the galaxy. The service is updated by users, in a similar way to Wikipedia, although H2G2 predates the popular online encyclopedia, as it was launched in 1999 by author Douglas Adams. The BBC took over the service in 2001 and is now making the mobile capability available to anyone with a mobile wireless device.