Assignmint gives freelancers a managerial tool

Helps to not feel so small and alone as a freelancer at your computer. (Credit: kodomut/Flickr)

Jeff Koyen, a longtime journalist and programmer, has created a program for freelance journalists called Assignmint, which helps editors and freelancers manage all the managerial communication involved in the job, according to Pando Daily. The program provides a platform where freelancers can submit pitches and receive simple “yes” or “no” responses. Assignmint also organizes the freelancer’s deadlines and has a tool for transferring payment from the publication to the reporter once stories are done.

Assignmint may have to prove its worth to freelancers and editors alike. It’s not easy to make journalists shift their systems once they’ve become accustomed to email and other relatively recent modes of operation.

Assignmint is currently available in open bata and Koyen says it will remain in that form for another three months or so. Afterwards, he says, its aesthetics will be improved.